Stat Attack

Weet-Bix Stat Attack 2023 is here! Get your cards in Weet-Bix 1.2kg and 750g packs today and start playing Stat Attack with your friends – it’s a simple, fun game, and the better you know your All Blacks and Black Ferns stats the more likely you are to win! Stat Attack is extra special this year with 5000 Limited Edition Gold Cards to be found in Weet-Bix packs. And don’t forget to keep a look out for the 6 special Legends Cards, Ian Foster and Wayne Smith Coach Card. So get collecting and trading with your friends to complete your very own Stat Attack 2023 card set.

How To Play:

1. Kick off the game by dealing out all the cards face down in front of each player.

2. Everyone takes the top card from their pile and the first player calls out a stat that they think will be a winner.

3. All other players then call out the same stat from their card. The person with the highest stat collects all the cards from that round. If there is a tie, then all cards are placed in the middle and another stat is called by the same player.

4. The winner of the hand collects all the cards from the middle and then calls another stat. The game is won when a player holds all the cards.


Our five Weet-Bix™ Stat Attack Legends were chosen based on their commitment and service to New Zealand Rugby as well as their success while wearing the Black Jersey.

Stat Definitions:

    The height of the player or coach in centimeters.
    The number of international test matches the All Black has played. Some Legends have played almost 80 games! The coach card includes all games Ian Foster has coached.
    The total number of points scored by the player while wearing the Black jersey. This includes conversions, tries, penalties and drop goals. The coach card includes all the points scored while Ian Foster has been coaching.
    Since the All Blacks played their first match in 1903, there’s been 1,100+ men to pull on the black jersey. Each All Black is given a number when they play their first test match and they keep this number for life. There’s also been 25 head coaches of the All Blacks since the beginning, this is the number Ian Foster is.
  • SUCCESS %:
    The percentage of game wins the All Black has had while on the field, or percentage of game wins Ian Foster has had as coach.
    How many Weet-Bix™ the player or coach eats for brekkie!

Cards to collect: