KickStart Breakfast is one way Sanitarium and Fonterra give back to communities and is part of our commitment to promoting health and nutrition through a great start to the day.

Alongside support from the New Zealand Government, KickStart Breakfast is based around a community partnership model – ┬áSanitarium and Fonterra provide cereal and milk, and each school community takes responsibility for preparing and delivering this to students in need each week.

After a great response to a pilot in 30 decile one schools in 2008, Sanitarium and Fonterra partnered up to offer the programme to all decile one to four schools across New Zealand in 2009. Today KickStart Breakfast is available to all decile 1-10 primary, intermediate and secondary schools and operates in over 730 schools, showing children how important a balanced breakfast is for learning.

We’ve had great feedback on the programme with teachers and principals noting that children who have had a nutritious breakfast perform better throughout the school day. Breakfast clubs are about more than eating breakfast at school. The engaging environment encourages students to develop social skills and take on extra responsibility.

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