Weet-Bix Day

Official Weet-Bix Day 2022 – 26th of October

From World Egg Day (October 14th) to National Candied Orange Peel Day (May 4th), there seems to be a day for every food under the sun.. Except Weet-Bix 🤔​

Until now!​

Here at Weet-Bix HQ, we are hereby declaring that the 4th Wednesday of October is now WEET-BIX DAY. Finally, Kiwis across the nation have a dedicated day to celebrate everything they love about one of the country’s most loved breakfast cereals.​

So grab your bowls, lay out your best Weet-Bix outfit, and mark Wednesday 26th October in your calendar.

How to celebrate Weet-Bix Day:

  1. Eat Weet-Bix – d’uh.​
  2. Try Weet-Bix in new meals or drinks throughout the day – Weet-Bix in your salad? Crunchy. Weet-Bix in your morning cuppa? Maybe not that one..​​.
  3. Create a Weet-Bix Ambience. ​It’s time to decorate your space in Blue, Red and Brown. Wearing Weet-bix Themed clothing is also a great way to celebrate. Consider purchasing an item from our merch store or if you don’t want to buy a shirt, consider creating your own Weet-Bix shirt using fabric paint! You can also get creative with Weet-Bix accessories – why not create a statement headpiece with a Weet-Bix box?​
  4. Changing your profile picture to a Bix.​ Spread the news and show your friends and family that you’re a bixer – changing your social media profile picture to a single Bix is a great conversation starter. ​
  5. Putting in a 30-minute meeting to discuss the teams love of Weet-Bix.​ This is one for those stuck in a corporate office, book in a meeting at 8:30 and encourage your team to bring their Weet-Bix! You can take turns sharing how you made your Weet-Bix that morning and share your favourite recipes.​
  6. Change your job title in your email signature to “Weet-Bix Kid”
  7. Throw a Weet-Bix Party: Playing Weet-Bix games and be a super fun way to celebrate Weet-Bix day with kids (or adults). Take out the Weet-Bix Stat Attack Cards and play a few round. Play a blind folder Weet-Bix Taste test Challenge, From Bites to Gluten Free to Cranberry and Coconut there’s heaps of Weet-Bix on supermarket shelves to try – Winner gets to take home all the Weet-Bix!


Is Weet-Bix Day Annual?​

2022 marked the first ever official Weet-Bix Day celebrated in October, but our intention is certainly to make this a recurring annual celebration of all things Weet-Bix. ​

How did you pick the date?​

Here at Weet-Bix HQ, we’ve gone deep into the archives to figure out exactly when New Zealand’s most beloved breakfast cereal was born. We have not been able to find an exact date, but can confirm that Weet-Bix was invented in 1925 (TBC) around October.​

Here at Weet-Bix we have a special place in our heart for Wednesdays (you can probably guess why!), which is why we have decided that National Weet-Bix day will fall on the 4th Wednesday of October, so the date will vary from year to year. In 2022 Weet-Bix Day will fall on October 26th.​

But.. Isn’t every day Weet-Bix Day? ​

A good and very accurate point. Maybe we should call it Weet-Bixier Day?​

How can I celebrate Weet-Bix Day?​

Have you been paying attention?

How can I get more people to join in?​

We need your help spreading the word far and wide! DM your friends, send a company wide email, call your favourite uncle. Call your not-so favourite uncle too, while you’re at it. ​

​We firmly believe that once any self respecting Kiwi Kid is made aware that Weet-Bx Day is coming up, they will reflexively reach for some milk, honey and their nearest box of wheaty, golden good stuff. ​

Do you guys just have too much time on your hands? ​

We would prefer not to answer that.​