All Blacks

All Blacks

Weet-Bix Stat Attack is here! Get your cards in Weet-Bix packs today to start playing with your friends. Don’t forget to keep a look out for the special Legends and Coach Cards. The better you know the All Blacks stats the more likely you are to win!

How to play:

  • Kick the game off by shuffling and dealing out the cards.
  • Everyone takes the top card from their pile and the first player calls out a statistic they think will be a winner.
  • All other players then call out the same stat from their card. The lucky person with the highest or best stat collects all the cards from that round and places them at the bottom of their pile. If there is a tie then all cards are placed in the middle and another stat is called by the same player. The winner of the hand collects all the cards from the middle.
  • Play gets underway again with the winner of the hand calling the next stat. The game is won when a player holds all the cards.

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Cards to collect: